the Team


Matt Eisele

chef de cuisine / oso polar

Born in the cornfields of Iowa, Matt moved to the Twin Cities so long ago, he can’t even remember when. After culinary school, he went to work at Cosmos Restaurant. Matt joined the World Street Kitchen team in 2012 and was instrumental in orchestrating the restaurant’s opening. He leads by example with a work ethic that exhausts even the most energetic bunny. In his spare time, Matt is a stunt double for the likes of Tom Selleck, Ron Swanson and other super manly men.

Sameh Wadi

chef / owner / flavor maestro

The son of Palestinian immigrants, Sameh is livin’ the American dream. He began his culinary journey at a young age and his passion for cooking was evident from the start. He shadowed his mother in their home kitchen where he developed his palate and learned the fundamentals of cuisine. In 2007, Sameh opened Saffron Restaurant & Lounge with his (much) older brother Saed. Sameh loves long walks on the beach and squirting people with his water guns. You’ve been warned.

Jeremy Fritz

sous chef / lil’ buddy

Hailing from beautiful St. Cloud, Minn., Jeremy moved to the Twin Cities in 2002 to study graphic design. When he realized his true passion was food, he ditched design and continued his work in restaurant kitchens. Following his stint at Cosmos Restaurant, he re-joined forces with Matt Eisele at World Street Kitchen in 2013. When Jeremy grows up, he wants to be a YouTube sensation with his starring role in the small budget hit “Keg Rider.”

Saed Wadi

owner / fix-it man

Saed has successfully created some of Minnesota’s most unique and highly regarded restaurants together with chef and brother Sameh. Saed’s warm personality and keen eye for service and hospitality make him a constant strong contender for “City’s Best Restaurant Front Man.” He also has a proven track record of “making things happen” and eating so, so many rice bowls. In his free time, Saed spends time with his family, eagerly awaiting the time when he can get back to the restaurants.

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